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Here's a thing for people that want to read some DC Comics

I'll start with Rebirth stuff.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Titans-Hunt - Limited series about the silver age Teen Titans rediscovering their past, leads into Rebirth Special and Titans Rebirth

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/DC-Universe-Rebirth - Special One-Shot setting up the rest of Rebirth, and the new status quo for the new DC Universe

And then here's the various ongoings spinning out of Rebirth as well as their Rebirth issues that I think are worth following:

Batman: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Batman-Rebirth

Superman: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Superman-Rebirth

Detective Comics: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Detective-Comics-2016

Titans: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Titans-Rebirth

Nightwing: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Nightwing-Rebirth

Deathstroke: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Deathstroke-Rebirth

Cyborg: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Cyborg-Rebirth

Green Arrow: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Green-Arrow-Rebirth

Wonder Woman: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Wonder-Woman-Rebirth

The Hellblazer: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/The-Hellblazer-Rebirth

Blue Beetle: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Blue-Beetle-Rebirth

Batman Beyond: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Batman-Beyond-Rebirth

Teen Titans: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Teen-Titans-Rebirth

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Hal-Jord...ps-Rebirth

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Batgirl-...ey-Rebirth

Batgirl: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Batgirl-2016

New Super-Man: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/New-Super-Man

All-Star Batman: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/All-Star-Batman

Trinity: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Trinity-2016

I have more in-depth thoughts about everything here:


And have some other recent DC Comics to check out:

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Midnighter-2015 - Midnighter is a pretty violent vigilante who is also gay. Fun read with lots of interesting panel composition. Also got a mini-series that just started: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Midnighter-and-Apollo

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/The-Omega-Men-2015 - Written by Tom King, this is considered the highlight of DC You

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Grayson - Dick Grayson (aka the first Robin and Nightwing) as a secret agent

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Gotham-Academy - Who needs anime when we have comics to feature schoolgirls now?

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Deadman-...idden-Love - New mini-series about Deadman, who is a ghost and can possess people

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Raven - Mini-series about Raven of Teen Titans fame, explaining what she did between the previous Teen Titans series and Rebirth.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Doctor-Fate-2015 - Pretty impressive art featuring a new Doctor Fate. Read if you like Egyptian mythology.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Sixpack-...elin-Heroz - This is pretty surreal and weird. I'm not really sure where it's going, but it's pretty damn funny so far.

Now for the Young Animal imprint, which focuses on surreal and mature storytelling:


They all just recently started, with Mother Panic out in a couple of weeks. They're all pretty promising so far.

Now for old runs and such:

Teen Titans:

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/The-New-...itans-1980 - Marv Wolfman and George Perez's run on Teen Titans is pretty much the definitive version of the team. Here's a read order: http://dcuguide.com/chronology.php?name=newteentitans

It does suffer from some seasonal rot about halfway through New Titans, so just stop reading when it starts getting bad.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Young-Justice-1998 - Featuring Bart Allen, Conner Kent, Tim Drake, and Cassandra Sandsmark, a much more lighthearted series about young superheroes

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Teen-Titans-2003 - And then you have Geoff Johns' run, which is the last time Teen Titans was really good. You can read the rest of this, along with Titans (http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Titans-2008), if you really want, but get ready for some really bad moments before it starts getting better toward the end. Also stop reading Titans when it inexplicably becomes a villain book about Deathstroke.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Teen-Titans-Year-One - Reimagining of the Silver Age Teen Titans by one of the cartoon's writers.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Tiny-Titans - Light-hearted spin-off series featuring pre-school versions of the Teen Titans.

Justice League:

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/JLA-1997 - This series is just about the best incarnation of the team. Definitely one of the must-reads.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Justice-...ional-1987 - The most light-hearted take on the Justice League featuring a lot of characters that are definitely not typical for the Justice League.



This is a batch of some of the best Batman stories ever told.

And check out some of these:

Grant Morrison's Bat-epic, start here: http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Batman-Batman-and-Son
And here's a read order for the rest: https://comicsastonish.com/2012/01/04/a-...ns-batman/

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Batgirl-2000 - Cassandra Cain's solo series. Read it because she's rad.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Batgirl-2009 - Stephanie Brown's solo series. Read it because she's also rad.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Gotham-Central - Series focusing on regular police officers in Gotham City

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Batwoman - Stop reading when it gets bad


Semi-related obscure characters with really good series.

And then here's a bunch of other comics featuring a variety of characters:

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Blue-Beetle-1986 - Ted Kord's solo
http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Blue-Beetle-2006 - Jaime's solo

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Doom-Patrol-1964 - Silver-Age Doom Patrol, not as surreal as Grant Morrison's run, but still pretty damn weird
http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Doom-Patrol-1987 - Read Grant Morrison's run starting at Issue #19

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Animal-Man - One of Grant Morrison's other defining runs

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Suicide-Squad-1987 - The first of the modern day incarnation of the Suicide Squad. Some really good stuff in this run.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Shade-the-Changing-Man - Pretty dark series about Shade

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/The-New-Gods-1971 - Jack Kirby's way ahead of its time series about The New Gods. Here's a read order: http://comicbookreadingorders.com/dc/eve...ing-order/ (You can ignore the stuff before New Gods)

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Secret-Six-2008 - More villain team up books.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/The-Question-1987 - The guy that Rosrshach was partially based off of.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Static - Static's first series that established the character. Takes place outside of the DC's regular continuity

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Green-La...reen-Arrow - One of the earliest "topical" series, featuring conservative douche Hal Jordan and liberal douche Ollie

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Green-Lantern-2005 - Geoff Johns' total revitalizing run on Green Lantern that introduced many of the modern GL concepts such as the emotion spectrum

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Kid-Eternity-1991 - Pretty weird Grant Morrison stuff

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Hawkworld-1990 - Pretty interesting new takes on Hawkman

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Lobo-1993 - A parody of everything Runic likes

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Booster-Gold-2007 - Booster Gold as the unrecognized hero of time. Features Booster correcting major events in the DC Universe, and you should probably read this after having knowledge of the character through Justice League International, knowledge of Ted Kord, Jaime's solo, and after 52

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Martian-Manhunter-1998 - Considered one of the strongest takes on the Martian Manhunter.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Stars-and-S-T-R-I-P-E - A fun, short run by Geoff Johns about a couple of relative unknowns

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/The-Sandman-1989 - Pretty much classic literature as a comic

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Impulse-1995 - Solo series for Bart Allen by Mark Waid

Also look into Mark Waid's run on The Flash, Geoff Johns' Flash, and Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman.

Now for events:

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Crisis-o...arths-1985 - The first major event comic in DC History, and pretty much as grand and epic as you can get. The starting point of the post-crisis and pre-New 52 DC Universe

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Legends - Fun little event following Crisis on Infinite Earths about the formation of Justice League International and the Suicide Squad

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/DC-One-Million-1998 - Fun event by Grant Morrison featuring the Justice League in the 853rd century, lots of tie-in issues are pretty fun as well.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Infinite-Crisis-2005 - Pretty average, but features the introduction of Jaime Reyes

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/52 - A year in the DC Universe that was told in real time, and features pretty much no Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Focuses on various lesser known characters and teams.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Green-La...-Corps-War - Green Lantern Corps vs the Newly formed Sinestro Corps. One of the more lower scaled events that's pretty fun

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Blackest-Night - Basically a Zombie apocalypse story with the DC Universe.

And finally, here's a bunch of Elseworld/AU shit:

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Batman-T...ht-Returns - Batman coming out of retirement. Dark and mature take that for better or worse, defined the character for a long time

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Batman-T...-to-Gotham - Batman and Eldritch Horror. SOme rad shit

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Superman-Red-Son - Superman, as raised by Ezhiks (Read: Communists)

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Kingdom-Come-1996 - One big fuck you the Dark Age of comics, featuring Alex Ross' impressive art.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Justice-2005 - Some more Alex Ross stuff, this time as a tribute to the Superfriends.

http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/All-Star-Superman - Grant Morrison's take on a Superman who is slowly dying. A definite must read.

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