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7th July 2011 01:51 AM
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First of all:
(1st July 2011 01:13 AM)randomnewfag Wrote:  -snip-

You hear that? That's the best intro song in the whole series.

While I agree that the series one intro was the best intro, that is the full version which to my knowledge* was never used as an intro and was just featured during the Pokémon League story arc of the first series when the characters are running with the torch/flame-of-Moltress thingie.
Doesn't mean it isn't awesome though.

I used to love it as a kid, I've got about two thirds of the first series and a few episodes of the orange island recorded from TV on VHS, but then I stopped following and when I tried to come back into it later on I found that, like the games** (in my opinion at least), it had gone severely downhill after the first two or three series.
Still have the first two movies on DvD though. Mlp-dawesome

*I may be wrong and have just made a fool of myself.*
**I still have Pokémon Yellow and Crystal for GBC, the batteries in them still work so they both save, and I choose to play them over the new generation games because they are awesome.**
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7th July 2011 02:21 AM
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I'm pretty sure you're right.

Either way, it was either that or the short one minute version.
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