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Early sighting of Funrise Rarity Plush
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Skycatcher Offline Filly

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20th February 2013 11:45 PM
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Saw this article at

While at a local Walmart, I ended up finding one as well (2 actually). So I snatched one up. =) With all the Twilight and Pinkie everything everywhere, I'm glad to finally see more Rarity. Now if only the Applejack merch wasn't so scarce (likely due to being the least popular among the 6-8 girls demographic, heh).

[Image: rarity_plush__funrise__by_skycatchereque...5vn2t0.jpg]

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The Rarispy Offline Awesome sauce.

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21st February 2013 07:21 AM
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I'm not really digging that stringy hair. mlp-rdonotwant

[Image: SUuug.gif]
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Travis Offline i rrerr therefore i am

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21st February 2013 07:38 AM
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(21st February 2013 07:21 AM)The Rarispy Wrote:  I'm not really digging that stringy hair. mlp-rdonotwant

That's okay, you can just go buy one of the other affordable plushies that are sold in stores.

Wait... mlp-thinkie
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Skycatcher Offline Filly

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21st February 2013 10:40 PM
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I agree though, regarding the hair. I tell myself it's her wet-mane look, like in the finale (instead of the poison joke).


When I found it, I actually decided "eeeh, I'll wait for the more show-accurate one that's coming mid-year" and left the store without it. But then ended up turning around cause I felt bad leaving her there after picking her up for a minute. :P That and I just like collecting Rarity anything. So I'll end up with both. No telling if/when I'd find another one in this area.

What's funny too, sort of on a tangent, is that my 7 yr old daughter saw it when I picked her up after work... so of course I had to go back and get her a Pinkie Pie, heh (her fav). That, and it'll make it easier to justify to my wife if she asks about it; "Hey, I was getting this pink one for her and I saw this other one that I like collecting and is hard to find, so I yoinked it too." I think she saw it sitting on my end table by the bed this morning, but didn't say anything.


But nah, she knows I watch it with our daughter and I already have a blind bag and brushie Rarity on my desk, so it's shouldn't come as a big shock, heh.
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