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3rd February 2013 07:36 PM
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I'd like to share a little story I have been writing, and write on right now.

The story takes a spin on the whole Changling concept, and introduces us to a similar curse, that of The Beat. This curse has already befallen Vinyl years ago, and as of the Sisters of The Beat, she must perform the Initiation once every year. As Vinyl sees this state a curse, she usually performs it when there is no chance somepony can hear her. To her dismay, Twilight stays in town, and is subjected to The Beat, and she transform into a Sister, who names herself Bass Canon. As Vinyl feels responsible for this tragedy, she must teach Twilight the ins and outs of this curse, as well as teach her to accept Bass a permanent part of her psyche. The journey of Twilight and both Vinyl, and her friends will be a tumultuous one as she enjoys the perks of being The Life of The Party, but also the dreadful hunger she will have to endure if she doesn't follow the Code. Will Twilight still be Twilight at the end, or will she become Bass Cannon fully? Or will the two learn to respect each other and continue as one mare?
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5th February 2013 08:45 PM
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0.0 I am reading this! It's really interesting...

Sexy Soul is mah OC.
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