What are ratings?

Ratings are simple enough to explain; when you hover over a post, a bar will appear near the bottom with ratings such as "Funny", "Crazy", and many others. Click them to rate that post!

People will then be able to see what you thought of this post; gaining a certain amount of ratings in a single post (without blatantly trying to get people to rate you that rating) will earn you an award.

Why are there some ratings being used that I can't see?

Brony + and above have access to the ratings Fork, Magnet, Moustache, Tea, Bugster and three more with quotes from Killing Floor just for fun. New ratings are being added all the time, so keep looking for new ones! These ratings don't have any real meaning and are pretty much just there for a bit of fun.

Why does the list function appear to be broken for me?

Chances are you're using an old browser or Internet Explorer. If so I would recommend updating your browser. In the case that you are using Internet Explorer you really should change to either Chrome or Firefox as many Multiverse features will not work correctly for you.