1. No pornography/Rule 34/NSFW content

A. Pornography and rule 34 are not allowed in any context, even if they are tagged properly inside spoiler tags. Pornographic material is however, allowed in the 18+ subforum of our donation forum.

B. Avatars may also not use cropped and/or edited porn as their source. If we see you using one, you will be asked to change it. Making a habit out of this will get you warned, at the very least. Other forms of NSFW content (ex:extreme gore) are also not allowed.

2. No flaming

Direct flaming will result in a six hour ban or more, depending on the severity of the flame. Arguing is fine, but if it gets to the point where you insult another poster, warnings/bans will be issued.

3. No Warez

Talking about illegal activities (piracy) can be allowed under certain circumstances, such as discussing the act itself. However, linking websites related to torrents or piracy (ie Demonoid, TPB, etc.) will result in a warning.

4. No Shitposting

Your posts should be relevant to the thread and contain content. Simply posting something along the lines "pissfart" or random gibberish is considering shitposting and will result in a warning.

5. Keep image/video macros to a minimum

The occasional reaction image/video is okay, but once it becomes every other post, it becomes a problem. Remember: this is a forum, not an image board!

6. Quoting images/videos

Try not to quote images or videos. The reason for this is that for people who have low-end computers or phones, the load time can be increased due to having to load the same image/video twice. This can even make loading times for most users a bit longer and sometimes may cause browsers to crash depending on how much is on the page being loaded.

So please, when quoting an image or video, simply break the tags like this: [img]Filenamehere[/img] and remove any letter or the / from inside the tags, such as [img]Filenamehere[/ig]. This breaks the embed and thus causes the image to be "snipped." Alternatively, you can simply type in "-snip-" where the image/video was, as you will see some users do.

7. Banning and The Moon

If you are banned, you will only be able to post on the forum known as The Moon. Here, you may make an appeal thread if you wish, but be warned. If you make a silly or joke thread on The Moon, you may get your ban extended or your posting privileges revoked for a certain amount of time. Also remember, an appeal does not automatically warrant a ban being lifted!

Bans that are one hour long may not be appealed, due to the amount of time it takes for the appeal and staff response to take place generally meaning the ban is almost up anyway.

8. Gimmick/alt accounts

If you are banned, do not make another account to circumvent said ban. Alternate accounts when you do not have a current ban are also not allowed. This will grant you an extension on the ban on your main account. Also, do not make "gimmick accounts." They are not allowed and will also warrant a warning on your main account.

9. Spoiler Rules

A. This applies to all animated works. Anything related to new episodes that haven't aired yet is to be spoiler tagged. After the episode has been out for at least twenty-four hours, you are no longer required to use spoiler tags for everything related to the episode. Avatars using material from episodes that have not been out for at least twenty-four hours will be asked to be changed or subject to deletion.

B. The MLP comic has a longer grace period for spoilers due to the medium not being as accessible as the episodes. All material relating to the new issue must be spoiler tagged for at least a week after the official release.

10. No Backseat Moderation

You are not a staff member, and as such you are not entitled to decide who gets banned and who does not. Acting as if you do will only get yourself banned as well.

Example of Backseat Moderation: "You are flaming, and the mods should ban you!"
Not an example of Backseat Moderation: "You guys are getting a little too heated, could you try to calm it down a bit?"

Also: Please do not argue with moderator decisions in public. Doing this just clogs up the thread with posts that are irrelevant to the topic of the thread. If you feel strongly about what a moderator has done, PM them or another staff member about it. No guarantees that they will agree, however.

11. No Slurs

This should be obvious, but do not use slurs that are racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic in nature. Such words will not be tolerated.